How to find tooth decay and its prevention methods


Tooth decay is an issue that is experienced by people of all age group. It can affect different parts of the system and cause plenty of problems. It is essential to avoid this decay and get the problem checked by a dentist immediately when you find decaying problem in your teeth.

Signs and cause of the problem:

It is not easy to identify. In the starting, the tooth may begin to receive a brownish or blackish mark on it. These marks are easy to visible when they seen on the front side teeth but they are always left when the cavities begin on the back teeth. You can also find zimazsensitivity to cold. This shows that the nerve will begin to experience a tingling feel when it comes close with cold substances. When the cavity begins developing, the nerve will begin to damage. By this method if the cavity gets actually bad, it is good to contact the dentist immediately and do not wait till the problems becomes worse because you may want to go for a costly and longer procedure to fix the tooth. Dental insurance agent are hard to find and coverage may be quite strick.  As an alternative you must get routine checkups from the dentist therefore that you can identify the cavities at the beginning stages.


Certain people are highly prone to the problem. But there are certain things which you can perform to avoid tooth decay or to control it. Oral hygiene is the essential factor for cavities and rotting of teeth. So you have to brush your teeth regularly and floss. It is necessary to do this two times in a day and floss after having every meal.

This will assist to keep food substances away from the spaces in the teeth hence that they do not begin to rot. It is advisable to go for a regular check up once in six months to make sure that the teeth are in healthy condition. Next method to avoid this harming process is to have a healthy diet. You must try to prevent taking lot of sugar because it can create cavities.